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Тhe correct forms. Вариант 3. Контрольная работа 4

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1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms:

2. Translate the sentences:

1. The first thing to do is to work out the plan.
2. What is worth doing is worth doing well.
3. Here are the papers to be signed.
4. Nick’s having forgotten to leave a message made me very angry.
5. Give me something to write with.
6. We have nothing to discuss.
7. These words are worth remembering.
8. He is a wonderful person to know.
9. There is nothing to be sorry about.
10. He kept on speaking though nobody was listening to him.
11. You have only yourself to blame.

3. Transform direct speech into reported speech making the necessary sentences.

1. Mary said, “We’ll come and pick you up tomorrow morning.”
2. Mike said, “Jane’s mother died two years ago.”
3. She said, “George Washington died in 1799.”
4. “You’ll have to make a hotel reservation in advance,” Peter said.

4. Translate the sentences. Pay attention to the sequence of tenses.

1. The manager said I’d have to stay there for another week.
2. John told me that Mary’s father was a man of wide experience.
3. The librarian told me that I had to fill out those forms.
4. John said he’d checked his suitcase an hour before.

5. Translate the sentences.

1. Туристы спросили гида, куда он планирует повести их вечером.
2. Джейн спросила его, когда он должен закончить работу.
3. Майкл спросил меня, когда мы сможем встретиться.
4. Мне хотелось узнать, какая команда выиграла матч.
5. Он попросил меня помочь ему сделать домашнее задание.
6. Врач сказал ей, чтобы она не выходила на улицу.
7. Она попросила меня объяснить, как пользоваться компьютером.

6. Read and translate the text.


7. Find the answers to the following questions in the text.

1. Why do all corporations need financing?
2. What does equity funding mean?
3. How is the value of a share determined?
4. What activities produce an inflow and outflow of capital?

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